Better Instagram Selfies!

December 15, 2016

Want to know what makes a good selfie? YOU! You make the perfect selfie. So why not look on point? Your makeup doesn’t have to be “glammed” and you don’t have to pose like a model. But as long as you look and feel great, that is what will make your selfie look good! And wouldn’t it be nice to not have to put so much effort into it? To not need to put so much makeup to make your eyes pop? Well, here is where the world of permanent makeup comes in. Many celebrities, models and people who are always on the go get the service  and their selfie game increases, while their time preparing for it decreases. Getting permanent eyebrows, eyeliner or lip coloring gives you a little extra “Ooomph” that makes you stand out. A soft line on your waterline makes your lashes appear bigger and bolder with no effort. Having lip coloring can make your lips appear to be bigger. Of course, the frame of the face (your brows) will give you a younger appearance, and make your face look smoother and cleaner! It’s a little crazy what the world of permanent makeup can do and how beautifully it captures on camera. So why not go the extra step in enhancing your selfie game?

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