Even UFC fighters get permanent makeup!

November 1, 2016

Pro UCF fighter Michelle Waterson got permanent makeup! Yes, even a UFC fighter is pro-permanent makeup. Typically women who are active, are athletes try to spend little to no time getting ready for a workout; and by getting ready, we mean makeup ready. It’s hard enough to try and stay focused on the training, there shouldn’t be any reason why they need to worry about their makeup being on point at the gym. Michelle thought it was time to relieve that hassle and get permanent makeup. After doing some research and picking the correct artist, she felt that she had made the right choice. This is not the typical 90’s sharpie looking permanent makeup though. This is something less permanent and more natural looking. This is microblading. “There’s a stigma about permanent makeup and how it’s going to change your face but it really is just more complimentary than anything else. It just brings out your natural features.” After getting permanent makeup done, Michelle doesn’t have to worry about her eyebrow makeup sweating off during her workouts or even getting ready in the morning. Having such a busy lifestyle in being a mom, wife, athlete, applying makeup should be the least of her worries; thankfully now it is! The process was so easy and fast, she would “do it over in a heartbeat.”

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